It was fascinating to be trying out a new location, new model and a new makeup artist, all whilst surrounded by nostalgia for the past. When I heard an old friend, Rebel Boylan, had stepped into the world of professional makeup artistry, I couldn’t wait to book in a test shoot. Rebel got back to me and we were both keen for a shoot. And I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon Midcentury Cafe and Collectibles, where the owener, Jill, was completely wonderful about the idea of hosting a photoshoot. I asked a friend, Kelly Sheppard, if she would be interested in modelling, and filled a mood board with Gil Elvgren posters.

I had no idea how this shoot would turn out, with three unknowns, an early morning start, and a location which would become a fully operational cafe just half an hour into the shoot.

But then everyone hit it right out of the park!

This is a style I’ve been in love with for a long time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a vintage-with-a-slice-of-pinup series came about quite soon.

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