I’m delighted to be working in a creative collective called Story Nation. An upcoming project for Story Nation is We Are Family, which involved the stories, processes and identities of Family Businesses around Australia. We started with the West Australian wing of the Family Business Association’s Hall of Fame event, where I was commissioned to photograph this year’s three inductees:

Bailey’s Fertiliser

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The Baileys were a lovely and accommodating first business, with all processing, packaging, and even a lab for quality control at the same premises. I took a tour of the factory and squeezed in some portraits of the family as Ross and Sean set up a video interview.


Hiddlestone Electrics

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Hiddlestone are soon approaching 100 years in business, working out of Subiaco. All in a building smaller than the front offices of Bailey’s, they are both expert and personal.



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Veem is the youngest of the three inductees, but also one which has seen unprecedented growth, from a small engineering service to an international business which recently floated on the stock exchange. Veem specialise in marine engineering, and I was given a comprehensive and fascinating tour of their five factories, beginning at a foundry casting metals, and ending in a quality control and testing factory. Veem is a large company, but they haven’t lost respect for their staff, who were knowledgable and friendly.

You can see my photos alongside some footage from the interview on Family Business Australia’s Facebook Page.

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