Hello there. This is a website I have now. If you’re just reaching this post after years of posts then I would like to say I’m utterly flattered, but let’s stick to the present, and if you’re reading this right now as my first post then I’m just as stoked. With a bit of luck things should get pretty groovy from here, and with a bit more luck I’ll become world famous and earn millions travelling around the world taking photographs. (If I do become world famous, be sure to mention this post some time and I’ll send you a post card.)

I’ll start things off with a few self portraits, you may notice that I’m not smiling in either of them but don’t fret, because they were from before I had this website, since which I have been grinning maniacally.

For now I’ll be trying to keep up a post a day, with price lists and updates coming soon. Stay Tuned.


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