Things have been going well for photographs as of late. I’ve exhibited at the Into the Dawn Young Artist Project in Notre Dame, Fremantle, a night filled with music, live performance and art to the themes of Day, Night and Dawn.


I’ve also exhibited at a similar artist project, Sirens in Ink, which took a more experimental and focused tone. I didn’t bring my camera but did snap a cheesy picture of the Mandurah Portrait and Landscape finalist print Sleeping in the Undertow.


The past few weeks have also been punctuated by music, I shot Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks again, this time with the full band present:



Live with Ego:

_DSC0198 _DSC0240


And Discordians:

_DSC0445 _DSC0511


Finally, my caffeine obsession has reached an intensity strong enough that I have created a Coffee Photoblog



Finally, you will be able to see two pieces of my work at the Emerge Art Award at the John Leckie Pavillion in Nedlands. I’m picking up the prints in a few days and it’s all very, very exciting.

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